Pics of my apartment

Apartment entryway Stairs
Entryway to my apartment building; the door goes to the courtyard garden
A view of the stairwell looking down from my floor (the rug is at the bottom)

Courtyard garden
Sandy, one of the building's cats, sitting outside my apartment door
The courtyard garden; the door goes back into the apartment entryway

Kitchen balcony
Sitting room balcony
My kitchen balcony--it's on the top right.  On the top left is the kitchen balcony for the apartment across the courtyard from me.
My sitting room balcony is the top one in this pic taken from the courtyard garden (as are all my balcony pics).

Bedroom balcony
The top right balcony is my bedroom balcony.
This is the mosque across the street from my apartment building.  It is the bottom floor of another apartment building, and there is a dry cleaner right next to it.

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