Kenya Trip

Well, it has been horribly, inexcusably long since my last update--almost four months!  I am so ashamed.  It has been very busy here, but I want to go ahead and post some stories and pictures of the exciting events that have taken place since my last update.

I had the opportunity in April to attend a conference in Kenya.  It was very green and very rainy--quite different from Egypt!  The conference was very refreshing and I was glad to be able to go.  Here are some pictures of the conference center where we stayed:


I was also able to talk with the representatives of Kenya Airways there in Nairobi and get my issues from the Victoria Falls trip resolved.  So, to sum up--Kenya Airways ruins your life, but they do at least partially make up for it, even if it's several months later.  =)  Speaking of, I thought the slogan they had posted on the poster behind their check-in desk in the Nairobi airport was quite fitting for them (though perhaps not in the way they meant it):

"Sit back and watch the time fly by" indeed--while they ruin your life!  =)

Also, while in Kenya, I was able to take a tour of a tea plantation near the conference center.  It was owned by a British couple (who were Kenyan citizens), and it had been in the wife's family for three generations.  The couple enjoy giving tours and meeting new people.  Likewise, we enjoyed meeting them, and their ten dogs as well!  Click the picture below to see more pictures from this place (and look closely to see the black-and-white monkey toward the top of the tree!).

Also, just to let you all know, I will be taking a vacation in Southeast Asia during the last half of August.  Then I am scheduled to return to the U.S. at the end of September.  So, I will definitely put up pictures from the vacation, and also more from my time here in Egypt, but it might not be until after I return to the U.S.  (Which will at least be less than four months...LOL!)


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