Lena at the door to the church courtyard.  Behind her on the bench is her mother and grandmother.

Stairs up to the doors of the church.  The area outside the doors is where we would sit and talk some nights.

Animals Flowers
The view from my window.  There are
barnyard animals down there, including
a rooster and some geese who love to make
noise!  The animals belong to the
neighbors in the next building.
Flowers in the park along the Nile
Another view of the park
The walkway along the Nile

Jet ski
How about a lovely felucca boat ride along the Nile?
Or, if you prefer something a bit faster...how about a jet ski?
Me at the Nile
Taha Hussein fountain
Me by the Nile
The Taha Hussein fountain--this is the cool landmark in town where all the locals get their fancy pictures taken