Perge, Turkey

Tour guide
Our tour guide, with the Roman baths behind him
A view of the Forum (all the columns on the right)
Hellenistic gate
Looking through the gate
The remnants of the Hellenistic gate
Looking through the gate at the main road
Main road
Another view of the main road (called the Arcadia)
A sample of the tile that covered the Arcadia (the rest of it is covered in dirt to better preserve it)
The pool running down the middle of the Arcadia (the man is standing in it)--you can see one of the "dams" there in the middle
One of the drains in the pool--the "plug" is the white stone to the left there, and the hole is next to it on the right (hard to make out due to the shadows)
The stadium on the outskirts of Perge
View of Perge from the top of the stadium--you can see the Hellenistic gate and the white columns of the Forum