The Victoria Falls
The Falls again

They don't take a bad picture, do they?
AJ on Knife Point Bridge (left)

A rainbow in front of the Falls
Looking down on another rainbow

Looking at the Falls on the way to
Victoria Falls Bridge
AJ looking at Victoria Falls Bridge,
contemplating his impending doom (the
green-roofed building in the middle is the
place from which we were about
to bungee jump)

Megan walking down the trail to the
Boiling Pot
A pretty butterfly with a red heart-shape,
on the Boiling Pot trail

The Boiling Pot, at the bottom of the trail.
You can't tell so much from the pic,
but the water is swirling around here.
View of the Falls from our helicopter flight.
Note the zig-zag shape of the gorge--it's
very popular for white-water rafting.

Our hotel from the helicopter
Our hotel again--look how close to the Falls!

The Falls and Victoria Falls Bridge.  The right
side of the bridge is Zimbabwe, and the left
side is Zambia.  The border is in the middle
of the Bridge, just to the right of the green
bungee-jumping building.
The Falls.  On the left, at the top of the Falls,
is Livingstone Island--the place from
which Livingstone discovered the Falls
by docking his boat at the island, then
walking to the edge and peering over!

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